Artificial Intelligence, democratic

for any project


We believe in a relationship with that is NOT "Machines Vs Humans" but "Machines + Humans". Artificial Intelligence is changing the World we live in, and we think for the better of our society and humankind.


We believe that every company should take advantage of the power of AI and implement AI solutions to their businesses, independently of their size, market, budget, stage of business life-cycle.


We believe that every innovator and talent out there with a solid business idea should be put in the condition to leverage AI technologies to make his/her idea even stronger and more impactful for a broader community.

Implement AI today and become a pioneer in your market

In a world hungry for big data, a self-learning intelligent engine is the opportunity for companies wishing to win the future.

One of today limits of Artificial Intelligence is that it requires a large amount of data to function properly, a limiting factor for small and medium-sized businesses that can not collect huge amounts of data.

Instatechnologies technology, thanks to its semantic engine, works also with limited data, allowing companies of any size to implement AI to their products.

Artificial intelligence

Our Artificial Intelligence system analyses web traffic data allowing for better strategies and communication actions.


Get in touch with your audience by actively engaging it through instant, interactive, private, and custom conversation.

Sentiment Analysis

The Sentiment Analysis understands the reasons that brought to a certain judgment by analysing all the elements related to the topic and context

We believe in a process of Democratization of Artificial Intelligence

We have the technology and the ambition to do it!