Audience analysis


Competitor Analysis

Real Time notifications

Tone of voice

Automatic responses
What do users think about you and your products?
What do they like about your competitors’ products?

The Sentiment Analysis explores the network through Facebook, Instagram, major blogs, news website, and forums.

It understands and catalogs all the opinions expressed about brands, products, political characters, and events.

Using our proprietary Semantic engine, the Sentiment Analysis not only registers whether users like – or not – a brand or a product, but it understands the reasons that brought to that judgment by analysing all the elements related to the topic and context.

It includes user ratings

It monitors user preferences

Find out what customers think about you and your competitors. Identify positive and negative reviews and what have caused them.

Evaluate your performance compared to your competitors

Identify your competition weaknesses

Find out what are yours and your competitors best and worst products.

Analyze the impact of marketing campaigns

Social Marketing Performance

Evaluate the qualitative aspects of your social activity by tracking your performance in terms of reputation, risk reduction, confidence, loyalty, differentiation, innovation, and brand awareness.

Find out your top influencers and competitors

Find your Influencers

Find out who are the top influencers in your market, your competitive advantage and how to make it sustainable.

Find new opportunities

Emerging trends

Focus on untap market trends and be the first to exploit them.

Data Visualization

Clear reporting

See all your data on a dashboard by choosing and linking all the useful information.

Listen to what your customers say about your competitors and what they think

Our Sentiment Analysis engine processes the comments extract by a spider and outputs different data.

Start with a clear picture of your current situation

Find out what’s happening in your market and evaluate the popularity of brands, products, services, and businesses, with an eye to your competitors’ performance and activities.

Digital Audit
  • User data
  • Sentiment polarity
  • Subject
  • Opinion
  • Topic
  • Type
  • Ranking
  • Reliability of the opinion
  • Overall sentiment
  • Data Source
  • Type of user, topics, typologies, and languages
Data Visualization
  • Main positive/negative arguments
  • Main positive/negative typologies
  • Main positive/negative subjects
  • Trends over time
  • Data comparison
  • Subjects/judgments research
  • Specific elements of the type of investigation

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